Is Packaging Foam Safe for Electronics?


Electronic parts require careful precision when packaging and shipping to avoid damage. Traditional options like void-fill in package-in-package cause too much damage to these delicate products. That’s one reason why many companies turn to foam as an option for packaging. But is it safe for electronics?

Is Packaging Foam Safe for Electronics?

Yes! There’s a reason why foam is the most popular packaging choice for electronics - it’s highly effective at protecting delicate, conductive products.

However, packaging foam comes in many varieties, so it’s important to choose the right packaging foam for any electronic product or part.

The Best Foam for Electronics Packaging

For electronics, you want to look for foam with anti-static properties. Not all packaging foams are anti-static. Anti-static means that it protects your product from static electricity, which is crucial for electronics. This means that whatever friction your package endures, no static energy is transferred to your product.

You also want to choose a packaging foam that’s non-abrasive. This is ideal for delicate products like electronics that are easily scratched. Most packaging foams are non-abrasive by default, but this is something to consider when choosing add-ons like texture or laminate - you don’t want to choose something that will scratch your product.

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