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Is PE Foam Plastic?

by Foam Industries

Today’s blog is taking us back to Foam 101, to answer a question we hear a lot: is polyethylene (PE) foam made out of plastic? Now, I know some of you might be thinking, "Why does it matter?" Well, ...

New Product: Polyethylene Foam Sheets w/ 1m Barrier

by Foam Industries

Pregis Microfoam® (polypropylene sheet foam) was discontinued at the end of 2022. Fortunately, we have a Microfoam® Replacement material! We have Pregis Astro-Foam® w/ 1m film polyethylene sheet ...

Which is Better: PE vs PP Foam?

by Foam Industries

In the foam packaging world, there are two big names: PE Foam and PP Foam. While both are types of foam, they couldn’t be more different. Both PE Foam and PP Foam offer unique benefits for different ...

What is ILD/IFD and Why Does it Matter for Packaging?

by Foam Industries

Packaging foam needs to keep your products safe from damage during transit. ILD/IFD is a critical element for ensuring this protection - but what does it mean? And why does it matter? Let’s delve ...

3 Key Takeaways from a Foam Spec Sheet

by Foam Industries

Foam spec sheets are chock-full of information - but admittedly, aren’t the most exciting read. If you’re browsing a spec sheet - like one of the ones available in our technical documents - here are ...

How to Wow with Cool Custom Foam Packaging

by Foam Industries

When designing your packaging, don’t overlook your custom foam insert as an extra chance to wow and inspire. The color, texture and overlays of your foam offer additional areas to design and create a ...


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How Does Profitability Go Hand in Hand With Sustainability?

by Foam Industries

Sustainability is a buzzword right now, but it’s also a powerful initiative that has the power to change every industry. Sometimes, companies are hesitant to revamp their packaging process because of ...

New Product: Sustainable Mailer with Custom Foam Insert

by Foam Industries

At Foam Industries, we’re always experimenting with new and innovative ways to deliver sustainable packaging and product solutions. An opportunity arose with our friends at Pregis to innovate a ...

3 Foam Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

by Foam Industries

Foam packaging is a highly effective way of protecting your products - if done correctly. It’s easy to make uniformed decisions that ultimately end up costing you down the line. Here are three of the ...

Is Packaging Foam Safe for Electronics?

by Foam Industries

Electronic parts require careful precision when packaging and shipping to avoid damage. Traditional options like void-fill in package-in-package cause too much damage to these delicate products. ...

3 Reasons to Use Foam Packaging

by Foam Industries

While paper and plastic are the standard go-to for packaging, foam is often the better choice. There are three key reasons why. 1. Packaging Foam is More Cost-Effective A common reason why businesses ...

Case Study: Reusable Tote for Aerospace Client

by Foam Industries

Case Study: Reusable Tote for Aerospace Client What They Needed An aerospace client needed a more efficient solution for shipping lenses. Their current shipping strategy involved single-use packaging ...

What is Foam Lamination?

by Foam Industries

One of the most popular - and effective - ways of changing how packaging foam looks and performs is through lamination. But what is that, exactly? What is Foam Lamination? Foam lamination is the ...

XLPE vs PE vs EPE Foam: Which One is Better?

by Foam Industries

When choosing a foam for your packaging application, we often get the question: ok, but which one is the best? “Best” is subjective of course, and it also depends on your specific application. ...

Can Packing Foam Be Recycled?

by Foam Industries

As companies define their internal sustainability strategy, they also look to their partners to see how their strategies align. As a custom protective packaging company, we often get one question ...