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What is Foam Lamination?

by Foam Industries

One of the most popular - and effective - ways of changing how packaging foam looks and performs is through lamination. But what is that, exactly?  What is Foam Lamination? Foam lamination is the ...

XLPE vs PE vs EPE Foam: Which One is Better?

by Foam Industries

When choosing a foam for your packaging application, we often get the question: ok, but which one is the best? “Best” is subjective of course, and it also depends on your specific application. ...

Can Packing Foam Be Recycled?

by Foam Industries

As companies define their internal sustainability strategy, they also look to their partners to see how their strategies align. As a custom protective packaging company, we often get one question ...

Case Study: Ship in Own Container vs. Box in a Box

by Foam Industries

If you live in our world, the debate between ship in own container vs. box in a box packaging is a fierce, raging battle. If you’re normal, you don’t care - but you probably should, just a little. ...

How to Choose the Right Foam for Your Custom Case Insert

by Foam Industries

Choosing the right foam for your case insert is critical to ensure your product arrives intact, without scratches, mold, or an overall unpleasant unboxing experience. With the number of foams ...

What Kind of Foam is Used for Packaging?

by Foam Industries

People often think all foam is a variation of all the same thing, just in different densities. But the truth is there is a huge variety of types of foam, what they excel at, and how they’re used. The ...


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5 Ways to Improve Sustainability With Foam

by Foam Industries

We hear it all the time from our customers, and their end users: sustainable packaging is huge. Consumers care about the impact of their material waste, and more and more organizations are following ...

What is a Cushioning Curve?

by Foam Industries

Most people in the packaging industry know about cushioning curves, but that’s where their knowledge ends. We know they are important and it helps to design packaging, but how does it work? When ...

How Much Does My Foam Part Weigh?

by Foam Industries

When production is getting planned for a brand-new product, the shipping weight is usually needed before the part is complete. Not only does the part have weight, but the packaging does as well. The ...