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What is a Cushioning Curve?

by Foam Industries

If you’re involved with designing or procuring packaging, you probably know about cushioning curves - but if you’re like most people in this industry, that’s where your knowledge ends. Many people ...

What is Foam Tensile Strength?

by Foam Industries

How far can you stretch before you snap? Only you can answer that question — but when it comes to foam, we can answer that question. Tensile strength is one of the most important features to look for ...

Foam Packaging Profiles 101

by Foam Industries

Foam packaging guards your products during transit, to ensure they reach their destination unscathed. But how they protect starts with their shape. In this article, we’ll go back to basics to dive ...

How Much Does My Foam Part Weigh?

by Foam Industries

When production is getting planned for a brand-new product, the shipping weight is usually needed before the part is complete. Not only does the part have weight, but the packaging does as well. ...

Reducing the Impact of Returns on Your Bottom Line

by Foam Industries

Where there’s online shopping, there’s nearly instant gratification: and a nearly instant bitter sting of disappointment if that product has to be returned. Returned products can have a large ...

What is the Foam Used in Packaging?

by Foam Industries

Packaging foam comes in many varieties - from fluffy peanuts to inserts with custom cutouts. In this blog, we’ll walk through the types of foam used in packaging, various applications and what to ...


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How is Foam for Packaging Made?

by Foam Industries

The type of packaging you choose matters. Higher-quality packaging foam keeps your products safe during shipping and storage. But how is foam for packaging made? With years of experience in the ...

How to Sell Packaging Sustainability

by Foam Industries

Your organization may be invested in sustainable packaging: but is everyone else? What about your clients, your supplier or other organizations you work with? The key is tailoring the value of ...

What is the White Foam in Packaging Called?

by Foam Industries

Let it be known there is no question too basic for us to answer. You’ve asked, we’re here to answer: “what’s that white foam in my package called?” Let’s explore. What is the White Foam in Packaging ...

Tensile Strength vs Tear Strength for Foam Packaging

by Foam Industries

No matter how strong, we all have a breaking point. When it comes to your foam packaging, you want that point to be much higher than the weight of your product and the pressure during transit. There ...

Is PE Foam Used in Packaging?

by Foam Industries

We’re going back to basics today to answer some of the most-searched foam questions online. Is PE foam used in packaging? What is PE Foam? Polyethylene foam (PE foam) is a low cost foam that’s ...

How Protective Packaging Improves Reverse Logistics

by Foam Industries

There is one frustration that both suppliers and customers share: damaged products. On the customer side, it’s incredibly frustrating to receive a damaged product and the hassle of having to ship it ...

What is the Purpose of PE Foam?

by Foam Industries

There are a few questions we all ask ourselves at one point in our lives: who am I? What is my purpose? We can’t answer those questions, but we can tell you the purpose of PE foam. What is it? And ...

Is PE Foam Plastic?

by Foam Industries

Today’s blog is taking us back to Foam 101, to answer a question we hear a lot: is polyethylene (PE) foam made out of plastic? Now, I know some of you might be thinking, "Why does it matter?" Well, ...

New Product: Polyethylene Foam Sheets w/ 1m Barrier

by Foam Industries

Pregis Microfoam® (polypropylene sheet foam) was discontinued at the end of 2022. Fortunately, we have a Microfoam® Replacement material! We have Pregis Astro-Foam® w/ 1m film polyethylene sheet ...