3 Foam Packaging Mistakes to Avoid


Foam packaging is a highly effective way of protecting your products - if done correctly. It’s easy to make uniformed decisions that ultimately end up costing you down the line. 

Here are three of the most common foam packaging mistakes and how to avoid them.

3 Foam Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Using the Right Material

Not all foam is ideal for every application. A common mistake is choosing foam based solely on cost, not based on how effectively it will meet your goals. 

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The most effective way to choose the best foam for your packaging needs is to work directly with a packaging expert. Our experts can walk you through every option to find the most cost-effective foam that will still deliver what it needs to.

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2. Ignoring Packaging Weight and Cushioning Curve

It’s true that foam is generally very lightweight - but that’s not always the case, and even when it is you still need to account for the weight of your foam parts when determining shipping cost. Failing to do so may result in extra costs you weren’t expecting.

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Likewise, you also need to consider the cushioning curve for your product and foam packaging. Simply put: cushioning curve is figuring out how high and fast can I drop or throw this package before the product inside is damaged? The cushioning curve of your product will determine the type of foam needed for packaging.

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3. Using Void-Fill Instead of a Custom Insert

Foam is a highly effective packaging material, but it’s most effective when it’s used as a custom case insert, not as void-fill.

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A custom insert is more effective at protecting your package, meeting sustainability requirements and providing a compelling unboxing experience for the end user. 

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Don’t waste time and money making any of these common foam packaging mistakes. Choose the right material, calculate weight and cushioning curve and use custom case inserts to ensure a successful delivery of your products.

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