What is Foam Lamination?


One of the most popular - and effective - ways of changing how packaging foam looks and performs is through lamination. But what is that, exactly? 

What is Foam Lamination?

Foam lamination is the process of modifying the surface of your foam. This can be done with other types of foam, other textiles, or coatings.

How is Foam Laminated?

There are two primary ways foam is laminated: through adhesive lamination and heat lamination. 

Adhesive lamination is exactly what it sounds like - it’s when an adhesive is applied to the surface of your foam part to laminate it. This can be done through pressure-sensitive adhesives or heat.

Heat lamination bonds two foams together - in this process, the two are put through a machine together and fused through heat.

Why Would You Laminate Foam?

Now on to the part that most people care about: why would you laminate foam? Typically, it’s for one of two reasons (or both): to make it perform better or look better.

Because foam lamination allows you to combine multiple materials together, you can tap into the advantages of that other material. For example, you might laminate a piece of foam to help improve its ability to repel moisture.

On the appearance side, laminations can be an easier way to add color, design and other effects to a foam case insert without sacrificing performance. 

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